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A small town Midwestern high school football game is exactly like you think it’s going to be: wholesome, classic, and a little bit corny. The Emerald Eagles were battling the Durant Wildcats and besting them in the fourth quarter, 34 to 7. Kelly green and gold everywhere, from the fresh-faced football players to the cherubicContinue reading “8.”


Interlude: Prequel, Part 2

Inside Priya’s hospital room, hours later, the moonlight makes its final stand, Amal stands over his wife, cradling their new daughter. They gaze at the baby, madly in love. Dr. Nash knocks on the open door frame and the parents look up. He fixes his gaze on the scene and his affable demeanor returns, ifContinue reading “Interlude: Prequel, Part 2”

Interlude: Prequel, part 1

Interlude, a Prequel Night. Cornfields. A licorice whip of an interstate highway snaking through soft rolling hills. A sleek, mid-size sedan makes a jerky, rolling stop off an exit and turns towards the lights of the town. The car passes a bubbly, inviting, too-perfect sign that reads, “Emerald, Iowa: The Jewel of the Midwest.” TheContinue reading “Interlude: Prequel, part 1”